25 years after the UN Convention on Biological Diversity: Community forest management and agroecology are the future

We cannot be celebrating

Real World Radio

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. However, “we cannot be celebrating”. The planet is facing serious environmental degradation, and the necessary measures to counteract it are not being taken, warned activist Rita Uwaka with Environmental Rights Action – Friends of the Earth Nigeria.


The environmentalist, who is part of the steering group at the Forest and Biodiversity Program of Friends of the Earth International —the largest network of grassroots environmental organizations in the world— drew attention to the great loss of biodiversity suffered by humanity.


In an editorial for Real World Radio, Rita discussed the threats to various animal and plant species, the attack against forests, the role of transnational corporations and industries such as mining, among other issues. She particularly mentioned the non-implementation of specific and effective plans to address the loss of biological diversity.


Additionally, the environmental activist focused on the African continent, and talked about real solutions of the peoples in the face of the environmental crisis, such as community forest management and agroecology.

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